Online presence is a must for businesses today, and we have built hundreds of websites for business of all sizes. Websites can be simple static sites, or they can be dynamic with online applications, virtual stores, e-commerce, social networking and the increasing popular option of having the ability for clients to update their sites themselves – we offer and have the ability to do it all!

Do you want to updated your website from your BlackBerry or Iphone while poolside? Do you want to update your website from your office, from your home, from ANYWHERE in the world? We have developed a custom application that allows exactly this – and best of all, there is no expensive software to buy, and it is as simply as using Microsoft Word.

For a detailed explanation on what a site might cost for your business, please give us a call for a free no obligation consultation – with no pressure, just some free advice.

When looking for a web developer, please keep in mind one very important aspect – anybody can build you a “nice looking” site, but if nobody can find your site, it really doesn’t matter how good your site looks now does it?

S.G. Bennett Marketing Services puts just as much emphasis on building your site for marketability as we do for good looks.

It may not sound like the marketability is very important – but keep this little fact in mind – nearly 100% of the people on the internet use search engines to find what they are looking for, that’s why you want to be in the top ten. When was the last time you were at Google and you came up with 1,999,999 results? Did you view result number 1,999,998? See what we mean?

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